Second Sino - EU Potato workshop planned for 2016


Second Sino - EU Potato workshop planned for 2016

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19 augustus 2015

From 22 - 24 July, 2015, a first workshop on sustainable potato production and processing in China was held. The workshop was organized by Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Science (HAAS), Strategic Alliance for Industrial Technology Innovation of Potato (SAITIP) and Wageningen University & Research, with support from various parties. It was decided that a second workshop will be held during 2016 in Zhangjiakou in China.

Potato GAP China

Potato GAP China aims to transfer Dutch technology and knowledge for sustainable potato production and storage to China, e.g., by setting up demonstration farms in China by Dutch suppliers. Dutch and Chinese knowledge institutions and companies will provide intensive guidance and supervision. Research is carried out under responsibility of Wageningen University & Research.


The program consisted of an opening ceremony, three keynote lectures on challenges and opportunities for potato chains in China, an excursion to a demonstration field with examples of Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), a seminar on specific potato topics and a match making event. The opening ceremony and keynote was attended by about 300 people. The field excursion and the seminar was attended by about 100 people from some 40 organizations and companies. The program of the workshop and the summaries of the presentations are available as PDF.

Dutch contributions

Sino - EU Potato workshop

The Dutch contribution was large: the Ministry of Economic Affairs / Agriculture Council of China, TKI Agri & Food, NAO, APH Group / Omnivent Syngenta CAH Vilentum DLV Plant, Dacom, BLGG AgroXpertus, NAFTC, Tomra, Clootwyk Nurseries, Aviko and McCain. International involvement was further from e.g. Bioforsk, CRA-W, STCP and Syngenta China.

Results GAP

Sino - EU Potato workshop

In addition to the seminar presentations, there was room to view the results of various GAP in potatoes. GAP were related to soil tillage, seed quality, planting methods, fertilization, pest and disease control, and irrigation. At first sight the object composed of all combinations of GAP performed better than the standard practice object. The final results will be reported end of 2015 and provide input for the next workshop.

Second workshop in 2016

Sino - EU Potato workshop

A second workshop will be held during 2016 in Zhangjiakou (about 150 km from Beijing) in China. HAAS, Wageningen UR, SAITIP, NAFTC, Snow Valley / Aviko and the local science park will organize the workshop. Interested companies and organizations can make their wishes known to that persons mentioned below.

NL: Corné Kempenaar
China: Dianqiu Lyu en Wan Shuming

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