September 20: The pig as model in human vaccine development

Animal models play a key role in vaccine research and the current and increasing knowledge about pigs offer chances for an improved understanding on vaccines and vaccine development.

Organisator Transvac

vr 20 september 2013 09:00 tot 16:00


To discuss this rapidly developing field, the European Commission FP7-funded project TRANSVAC organises a free of charge one-day symposium with international key experts. The state-of-the-art of the use of pig as model in vaccine development will be presented and discussed.

Relevant issues in Genomics, Immunology, Specific infectious disease models, Vaccine delivery and sources of animals will be highlighted.

Researchers from academia, pharma and biotech, as well as stakeholders in vaccine research and development are invited to attend this one-day symposium.

Attendance of the meeting is free of charge but registration prior to 10 September 2013 is required. Please use the registration form below.