Sharon Dijksma: "Fish migration river is a unique project"

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21 augustus 2013

During her visit to the Wadden area (19 and 20 August), State Secretary for Economic Affairs, Sharon Dijksma, was told all about the fish migration river project. IMARES Wageningen UR contributed to this project by providing knowledge in the areas of fish migration and Building with Nature.

Dijksma called the fish migration river a unique project, which will have a major impact on nature and restore fish stocks in the IJsselmeer.

Staatssecretaris Sharon Dijksma
The project rebuilds the connection between the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer, thereby increasing the diversity of fish and drawing more birds into the area. It also supports our ambitions for nature and helps us meet the European nature agreements
Staatssecretaris Sharon Dijksma

More fish with the Afsluitdijk fish passage

The fish migration river is a nature restoration project aimed at building a fish passage through the Afsluitdijk. This passage will provide a connection so that migrating fish can swim freely between the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer. The 6-kilometre long river ensures a gradual transition from sea water to fresh water. This is better for migrating fish such as eel, which benefit from moving between the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer.

The New Afsluitdijk

The fish migration river is part of The New Afsluitdijk (DNA) programme. The New Afsluitdijk is a partnership between the province of North-Holland, the province of Friesland, and the municipal authorities of Hollands Kroon, Súdwest-Fryslân and Harlingen. Preparations for the fish migration river over the next few years will cost € 1.5 million. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has pledged a total of € 450,000 for the project. The New Afsluitdijk will find funding for the rest of the project itself. The initiators of the fish migration river are the Waddenvereniging, Sportvisserij Nederland, Het Blauwe Hart and the Vereniging Vaste Vistuigen Noord.