Sheltering in Lough Swilly

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7 april 2011

A fjord in County Donegal, north-west Ireland was a welcome shelter for us for the past 2 days.

While gale force winds with speeds of between 40 and 50 mph swept the area, we spent some time on shore, enjoying walks along the beach or exploring the small village of Rathmullan. While approaching the coast, we could already see the hills of County Donegal:


The Irish flag was raised in tradition to greet the host nation:


Soon, the small village of Rathmullan, providing a pier for Tridens, appeared at the coast:


Some had a close inspection of the village already:


Tridens at Rathmullan pier and the beach close by:


Eric Armstrong made use of the spare time available and taught his scientist colleagues Sharon Sheehan and Jérôme Chladek about the theory of underwater acoustics and principles of acoustic surveys:


On the morning of Wednesday 6.4. we left again to continue the survey. Heading back north we soon got into rougher waters again – some signs of the heavy winds were still present! From now on, however, winds should ease down and the forecast for the next few days is actually looking quite good!