Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions winnaar van de door de gemeente Amsterdam uitgeschreven ontwerpwedstrijd voor een technologisch instituut


Significant role for Wageningen UR in technological institute Amsterdam

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17 september 2013

Wageningen UR will be playing an important role in a new technological institute to be set up in Amsterdam. TU Delft, Wageningen UR, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and several large companies submitted a joint plan for the Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Metropolitan Solutions in a design competition. On 13 September 2013 a jury proclaimed this plan 'the convincing winner' in the competition, which was organised by the municipality of Amsterdam.

We are extremely pleased our consortium has won this contest so convincingly. It gives us the opportunity, together with Amsterdam, to work even harder to achieve our ambition; we aim to provide the world's population, an ever increasing proportion of which lives in cities, with healthy food in a habitable environment. These are precisely the domains Wageningen UR excels in.
Aalt Dijkhuizen, Chairman of the Executive Board of Wageningen UR
Amsterdam as Living Lab
The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) is to be a leading institute focusing on applied urban technology and design. The key element in the proposal is that Amsterdam will be functioning as a ‘living lab’ – the city as experimental area. By collecting data on traffic, energy, food, people, waste and climate flows in the city, suitable innovative solutions can be developed and then applied and evaluated in the city. The know-how and applications resulting from this process can then be exported worldwide.

Negotiations with Amsterdam
In the weeks to come, the winning corsortium will speak with the board of the City of Amsterdam about realising the institute. Thereafter, Amsterdam might also speak with the other consortia that submitted plans to see wether some of these plans can be incorporated in the new institute. A jury has selected the ideas of TU Delft, Wageningen and MIT as 'the convincing winner', but a final decision on the realisation of the institute is taken by the municipal council of Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions is a collaboration of partners worldwide. TU Delft, Wageningen UR and MIT Boston are the academic heart of the initiative. They are collaborating with Accenture, Alliander, Cisco, IBM, KPN, Shell, Waternet, Amsterdam Smart City, ESA, TNO, Waag Society and the City of Boston.