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Social Dutch 4

These courses are particularly suitable for anyone who wants to improve his or her Dutch. The focus of these courses is on communication, but attention is also given to Dutch habits and customs.


The main objective of these courses is to learn to communicate in Dutch. All skills are developed: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. More attention than in the Social Dutch-courses 1 to 3 is given to such matters as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Reading and writing skills are mostly practiced in the time allotted for self-study.

Course level

  • Entry level: A2 (CEFR)
  • Level on completion: Halfway to B1 (CEFR)


This course runs for 15 classes. There will be 2 weekly classes of 1.5 hours a day. In addition to the classes, you will be spending 3 to 4 hours on homework each week. Participants are expected to spend a lot of time on self-study in order to attain the desired level.
If there are fewer than ten participants (but more than five), the course will run for 12 instead of 15 sessions, as a smaller group will be able to go through the content more quickly. 

* Any classes cancelled due to illness of the teacher will be made up at the end of the course.

Dates en times

Social Dutch 4 is offered in January and September each year.

Day Start date End date Time
Tuesday & Thursday 21 April 25 June 19.15-20.45

Please click here to view the course schedule.

Course material

  • De Sprong - Van NT2-niveau A2 naar B1,
    ISBN: 9789461052872

This book is available at the WUR-shop on the Wageningen University & Research campus, in the Forum building.

Please note: If you buy a second-hand copy of the book, you will have to purchase a login code from the publisher for an additional 10 euros. This login code gives you access to digital material, which you will need in order to do your homework.   

If you buy a new copy of the book, the login code is included.

Certification and exam

After the course you will receive a certificate from Wageningen in’to Languages, provided you have attended at least 80% of the classes. Would you like to continue improving your language skills? After passing the exam for this course, it is possible to proceed into a course on a higher level. If you do not pass the exam, you can take a resit after the course. The resit costs € 25 and is not included in the course fees.


BSc/MSc WUR Students € 90

* excluding course material and resit
including exam on the last day of the course (lesson 15)

Prior to registration

For these courses prior knowledge is needed. If you have a certificate stating you successfully passed the SD part 3 test, you will be admitted without an intake interview. Students that have prior knowledge of the Dutch language and do not have a certificate can make an appointment for an interview, in order to determine which level is appropriate.

If you are not sure whether this course is appropriate for your level and study goals, do not hesitate to contact our secretarial office for a non-obligation appointment with one of our Dutch course advisors.