Student Anna Solcerova - MSc Earth and Environment

Anna came to the Netherlands as an Erasmus student. Before that, she finished her BSc in Landscape Engineering at the University of Prague.

When I’ve finished this MSc, this degree will allow me to work anywhere!

Study choice

Since her BSc treated numerous subjects, from botanics to hydrology, she had quite some options, choosing her master programme. She decided to start a MSc in Environmental Modelling, in which she took the chance to study abroad and discover some more of the world. “I have looked for several universities throughout Europe, but it turned out to be rather hard to find a MSc which was fully given in English.” Luckily, she found out about Wageningen University through their webpages, and due to the good relationship between both universities it was fairly easy to get into an Erasmus programme at Wageningen University. After a couple of months she found out that she wanted to stay in the Netherlands. “I still wanted to finish my MSc in Prague, but at that time, I was eager to participate in the Earth and Environment master in Wageningen.” And it seems like life around this friendly town suits her very well.

Student life

She is quite pleased with the level of the given MSc courses and next to her study she is very busy with all sorts of activities. She plays volleyball and joins the Integration Committee of the study association Pyrus. Getting a proper room was fairly easy. “Especially as an international student; I didn’t have to wait for long until they offered me a room, well before the semester started.” Although she is not certain about the future that lays ahead of her, she definitely thinks she has made the right decision: “When I’ve finished this MSc, this degree will allow me to work anywhere!”