Student Kirsten Lamberink - MSc Earth and Environment

Kirsten Lamberink started with a Bachelor Soil Science, Water and Atmosphere in Wageningen. After this Bachelor she continued with the mastersprogramme Earth and Environment, also at Wageningen University.

I like to work together with international students

Study choice

"I chose to study the Bachelor of Science Soil, Water, Atmosphere. This because I found it interesting to know how the system earth is working, and the study seems to be quite diverse. Luckily this was the case! We learned a lot on how the earth is composed, and how the different systems in and around the earth behave. At some stage in my study I had to choose between the domains soil, water or atmosphere. I decided to choose for the soil-specialization, because I find geology, rocks, and soil very interesting. A lot of practical knowledge is needed, in order to learn and understand different soils. It is hard to learn something about a soil, if you cannot see the soils or rocks in the field. Therefore a lot of practicals were included in the program of my Bachelor of Science."

Study programme

"At the moment I am already for one year enrolled in my Master of Science (MSc.) Earth and Environment with the specialisation Soil Geography and Earth Surface Dynamics. I enjoy this MSc a lot! The different courses are more focused on doing research, and request more from you than just listening. During your MSc, you learn to shape your own opinion on doing research. I also like to work together with international students and follow courses together with them. I used the credits of the optional courses to do a small thesis, in which I had to do a month of fieldwork in Southern Spain. There I collected soil data in a catchment, this meant that I could work every day outdoor in the warm Spanish sun! It was a period of hard working, but I obtained a lot of new experiences."

Student life

"Next to my study I am a member of a student association (VGSW), a climbing association, and I am also enrolled in charity work. Last year I took a year off (from my study) to organize the introduction days of Wageningen University. It was a fabulous board year, in which I learned a lot of new things! This year I will continue with my MSc, so there are still some nice years waiting for me in Wageningen!"