''I strongly believe that the programme will acquaint me with the contemporary knowledge of public health''

In August 2011 Nynke Kampstra moved to Wageningen to start her specialization master Health & Society. "Last year I received my bachelor degree in dietetics (HBO). I choose to go to Wageningen due to the good reputation of the university and where I’ll be able to continue a master on a more societal level in the area of public health."

It feels great to study here and I really did make the right choice.


During my internship I was part of a research group at the Human Nutrition department here in Wageningen. Nowadays, I am able to work as a research dietician at the Human Nutrition department due to my background as a nutritionist.

The final 1,5 year of my bachelor were mainly practical minded and where I could bring in my own interests. During my bachelor I was in the lucky position to do my minor in the Philippines, which was a great opportunity. I was part of an NGO which aims to support renewable energy systems and sustainable agriculture. It was a great adventure to be part of their team for four months. During the final year of my bachelor I was focussed on the ageing process. After my internship at the Wageningen University, I wrote a guideline which illustrates the ageing process in all its facets and included important information to take into account for dieticians.

When I moved to Wageningen I have to say I had to get used to the size. It is not as dynamic compared to Groningen and really quiet during the weekends. What I really like about Wageningen is the diversion of all the different nationalities that are studying here. Moreover, due to the small size you meet people easily which made me feel at home quite soon. Also, there are lots of things organized special for students e.g. ISOW (International Student Organization Wageningen), sport organizations or student associations. I started rowing at Argo and I am selected to row a row boat with 8 other female students and start a competition season.

Future plans

When it comes to my future perspective I am flexible regarding the location. I think my background in dietetics in combination with my current master program will give me some good opportunities for a job in the field of public health.

So far, I followed some pre-master courses, but I look forward to the master courses I’ll be following this year. It feels great to study here and I really did make the right choice. My life slogan: always stay hungry!