Student testimonial

Student Terrens Saaki - MSc Biotechnology

I made one of the most important choices of my life when picking Wageningen University. On August of that year I successfully finished high school in Suriname. At that time I had great interest in beta courses especially chemistry and biology. In a simple Google search for a study combining these two knowledge’s I ended up with biotechnology. The Wageningen University and Research Centre popped up as one of the best universities in Europe providing this program. Excellent! I was accepted for the program BSc Biotechnology within the first call to enter the university.

A huge development I underwent during the courses at Wageningen University.

During my study in Wageningen

Two months later I arrived at Wageningen, and started in the second term. Full of excitement, proudness, happiness … I started my time in Wageningen.

Biotechnology at WUR

It took me a short period of time to realize that WUR Biotechnology was an excellent choice. The study program consists of some core obligatory courses and optional restricted courses to deepen your knowledge in the tools used in biotechnological practices. Very interesting was that throughout the whole study my enthusiasm was increasing. I had the freedom to take courses (next to the compulsory courses) that best suited my interest. These free courses can be taken anywhere in the world at a university, company or any other organization that offers your course of interest. I opted for Germany for a five-month-project in microbial ecology at a top institute in this field, this was awesome. During this project it was reconfirmed that my main interest lies in cellular molecular biotechnology. One interesting finding related to my personal development was that I was able to conduct research at scientific level. A huge development I underwent during the courses in Wageningen.

After this project I started with the MSc thesis at the Biochemistry department of WUR within a very exclusive group. During this work I greatly demonstrated that I was well prepared and capable of doing research. Ssst... This is an ongoing project! And as I mentioned before you can go everywhere to take courses. I got an offer to enter one of the most sophisticated groups in my field of interest soon in the US.

During my time in Wageningen I was very interested in study-related projects, parties of course, sports and people. I participated in committees involved in organising excursions for students, and other activities. Bottom line here is that I met a lot of people active in the field of Biotechnology thereby creating a broad network.

At the Wageningen University I developed a strong backbone for biotechnology in the most multicultural ambience in a prestigious academic society, of Europe perhaps. This is just the start of something amazing. Here, I met people from all over the world with some I am still in contact. Important to mention is that I received significant help throughout my study at the WUR including administrative help.

Future Outlooks

The next step from finishing my studies will be a PhD position in the field of Biotechnology. And I am looking forward to a great career in this field.