Study tour

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17 april 2012

On 12 April, a delegation of 11 employees of the Vietnamese Ministry of Planning and Investment visited LEI for a study tour on Green Growth, financed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Vietnam.

rice cultivation

Dr Nguyen The Phoung, the Vice Minister of Planning & Investment, expressed his interest in the experiences of LEI with the topic, as the ministry is responsible for the development of a Green Growth strategy for Vietnam by June 2012.

Huib Silvis highlighted LEI's broad expertise on Green Growth. A more specific outlook on the development of Green Growth strategies in the EU and the Netherlands was given by Floor Brouwer and Rene Verburg. Also, LEI’s current experiences in Vietnam were portrayed by Dr. Gerardo Halsema, who introduced the work on the participatory development of climate adaptation strategies in Vietnam. While Dr. Halsema highlighted the technological dimensions of climate adaptation, Michiel van Dijk introduced LEI’s expertise on the development of land-use scenarios in the country.

The participants expressed particular interest in the role of agriculture, green technologies and research in the development of green growth strategies. LEI and the Ministry of Planning & Investment look forward to further develop their collaboration on Green Growth with the support of the UNDP Vietnam.