Subscription to 4 bibliographical databases ends

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22 november 2016

In January 2017, the Library will stop its subscriptions to Biological Abstracts, Econlit, Philosophers' Index and Tropag/Rural.

In 2015, Wageningen UR Library evaluated 18 bibliographic databases. In the evaluation we have looked at:

  • Costs per database and number of searches in each database
  • Overlap in coverage. Coverage is based upon lists of covered journals
  • Information in the bibliographies on other document types than scientific articles
  • Specific functionalities per database.

This year we again evaluated the number of searches in each database. We also checked the overlap in coverage with Scopus. Based upon these outcomes, the Library decided to discontinue Biological Abstracts, Econlit, Philosphers' Index and Tropag/Rural from January 2017 onwards.