Succesful ISAE Benelux meeting in Sterksel

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21 november 2013

On 10 October 2013, an regional meeting of the Benelux region of ISAE was held at the Pig Innovation Centre in Sterksel, The Netherlands.

The ISAE is the International Society for Applied Ethology and focuses on behaviour and welfare of farm, laboratory and companion and zoo animals. It was a very successful and stimulating meeting with nearly 50 participants from Belgium and The Netherlands. A broad mix of PhD students, researchers, teachers and other people interested in applied ethology was present. The UFAW supported the participation of 7 MSc and BSc students, interested in animal welfare research ( On-going research was presented during four different sessions entitled ‘Development and validation of welfare measures’; ‘Cognition, emotion, personality and fear’; ‘Housing, management and social behaviour’; ‘Automation and modelling’. The Proceedings of the Benelux ISAE conference 2013 are now available online.

Contact persons: Liesbeth Bolhuis (, Bas Rodenburg (