Successful mission to Murmansk and Arctic Logistics Conference

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28 mei 2013

Wageningen UR has joined the mission to Murmansk, organised on 9 and 10 April 2013 by the Netherlands Consulate. The main aim was to explore scientific expertise in the North-west of Russia and to look for opportunities on scientific cooperation. At the Arctic Logistics Conference, Bas Bolman gave a presentation on sustainable harbours and shipping.

Thanks to the efforts of the Consulate, Natasha Valeeva (LEI Wageningen UR) en Bas Bolman (IMARES Wageningen UR) were able to talk to a variety of organisations in Murmansk.

Interesting conversations were held with organisations such as Murmansk Marine Biological Institute, PINRO, Murmansk State Technical University and WWF Russia.

Topics such as ballast water and biological indicators were addressed. The core of the future cooperation will consist of the combination between IMARES’ expertise in temperate climates on ballast water, invasive species and biological indicators and Russian experience on these topics in the Arctic. The next step will be to start cooperation in existing or new Arctic projects.

Boskalis and Wageningen UR at Arctic Logistics conference

Bas Bolman gave a presentation on sustainable harbours and shipping
Bas Bolman gave a presentation on sustainable harbours and shipping

During the mission in Murmansk, the third Arctic Logistics conference was held on 9 April 2013. The organisation of the conference asked Royal Boskalis Westminster and Wageningen UR to give a presentation on sustainable harbours and shipping. Bas Bolman(IMARES Wageningen UR) represented both organisations.

During his presentation he focused on the challenges for the future harbour development within the project of ‘Murmansk Transport Hub’. Subsequently he explained the innovative approach of Building with Nature: using the potential of nature to build marine infrastructural works and involving stakeholders in the design phase of the project to create commitment. The presentation ended with three successful Dutch showcases concerning Building with Nature: the sand engine, ecological landscaping of extraction sites and the oyster reefs.