Summer School Circular Fashion

Summer School

Summer School Circular Fashion

It is increasingly urgent to activate the power of fashion to create socio-cultural and economic transformation. We need to move beyond the problematic linear fashion system and its ‘throw away’ fast fashion culture. How can we become change makers in the field of circular fashion? In this critical fashion learning community, we move beyond the ego-driven nature of fashion and learn from eco-systems in nature. We actively learn to bring together art, design and science to contribute to a cultural paradigm shift based on alternative value systems.

Organisator Wageningen Academy
Duur 5 days
Locatie Wageningen Campus
Prijsomschrijving €2570,- industry / €2270,- PhD
Prijs € 2.570,00

This Summer School will be scheduled in 2020.
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Min/Max participants: 15-35

What will you learn?

After working in multi-disciplinary teams, you will be able to:

  • Redefine the underlying value systems of fashion.
  • Think and act as a change maker, and/or as a visionary leader within your organization.
  • Being part of a larger social movement and critical fashion community aiming to fundamentally transform the fashion system in terms of ecosystems.

Who should join the Summer School?

The programme is developed for designers, scientists and professionals working in the fashion industry who want to learn more and contribute to the creation of a fairer, cleaner and more sustainable fashion industry. PhD and MA students working on this topic are also invited to participate.

Summer School Programme

In this 5-day programme a diversity of learning tools will be used. Participants will receive lectures from international renowned experts, coming from research, design and art such as Kirsi Niinimäki and Kate Fletcher. During workshops you will get the chance to apply the new knowledge and inspiration directly onto your own (company) case. Are you struggling with compiling the next CSR report in your organization? How to source more sustainable materials or close the loop together with your supply chain partners? Walk out of this summer school equipped with knowledge, tools and energy to make a real impact.

  • What's circular fashion and why do we need it?
  • The importance of the systemic perspective
  • Biobased & biomimicry innovations
  • From closing the loop to nested loops in fashion
  • Business as crafting value

Summer School Leader

The course leader is Dr. K. A. (Kim) Poldner, Wageningen University, Department of Social Sciences.

Registration Summer School

The Summer School Circular Fashion is scheduled, but not open yet for registration. Show your interest to stay informed about the registration procedure.

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