Temporality and (Transnational) Histories: Film Aesthetics and Tourist Agendas

Wageningen Geography Lectures 2014-2015

David Martin-Jones, Theatre, Film and Television Studies, School of Culture and Creative Arts, University of Glasgow

This paper explores the intersection of film aesthetics and tourism agendas, analyzing examples from various parts of the world, including Indian films made in countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

Organisator Cultural Geography

di 31 maart 2015 16:00 tot 17:30

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Historically, a range of commercial agendas have impacted on film aesthetics, including such contemporary examples as films designed as shop windows for a range of products owned by the same multi-national corporation, or the "made to measure" films funded by the festival circuit. The impact of tourism on cinema is equally well known, from the earliest days of film production. This work in progress paper focuses on the manner in which depictions of temporality and (transnational) history are influenced when film aesthetics becomes bound up with tourist agendas, whether directly in terms of production funding, or equally in terms of target markets.