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The human-nature relation in the Anthropocene

The concept of the Anthropocene – the age of humans - has emerged over the last two decades as a designation of the pervasive human influence on planetary processes. The idea that human beings have become a ‘force of nature’ or ‘geoforce’ has led various scholars to emphasize the enormous implications for our existing ideas about nature. If, as Paul Crutzen has stated, in the Anthropocene, nature is us, what does this mean for our conceptions of nature? And for our views of humans as natural or apart from nature? What does the Anthropocene imply for our responsibilities towards nature and for how we view the moral relation that we have towards or with nature?

Research question

What does the Anthropocene mean for our understandings of the human-nature relation?

Type of research

While the emphasis lays on a conceptual exploration of the main research question (desk research of academic literature), students are encouraged to incorporate empirical case study work. What kind of student are you looking for? (study programme, skills, etc.) For this thesis, I am looking for philosophically-minded students who are interested in conceptual questions about what nature is and how humans should relate to nature. You are expected to develop your own more specific research question(s) within the broad theme outlined above and to look for examples and cases to support your conceptual analysis.