''The options you have in the programme are numerous.''

During his bachelor study Sport, Health and Management Sander decided he wanted to learn more about health promotion. "I decided to do a master because I had the feeling my bachelor study was too broad and because it was hard for me to find a job. Next to this, I still like studying so that made it easier for me in deciding to apply for the master of Health and Society."

The options you have in the programme are numerous.

Study programme

"I have to confess that, when I entered the master programme, I didn’t know exactly what kind of courses I would have to follow. Now I can see why this wasn’t clear to me before. The options you have in the programme are numerous. This is the main thing that appeals to me. Certain mainstream courses are obligatory but as for the other courses, there is much room for yourself to fill it in. The fact that I can partially decide which courses are of interest to me and which ones I would like to attend, makes this study an ideal follow up for my previous study.

Of course you need to have some interest in health and health promotion, which it is in my case. Most of the obligatory courses are about this subject. The optional courses that you can attend vary from management to nutrition and from statistics to (intercultural) communication. As for these optional courses, I still have to decide which ones I would like to follow.

As a Dutch HBO student I had to attend some prerequisite courses first, before I could enter the actual master programme. These courses mainly contained skills and information about subjects such as statistics and researching which I, as a HBO student, didn’t possess. The prerequisite courses should make it easier to follow and understand certain master courses.

I always planned to use my education for a job in making health policy or being a health promoter. Now I know that it’s not that easy to find a job and that I can’t be too picky. I always said that I didn’t want to be a researcher but after studying at an academic level and following research based courses for a while, I’m not so sure anymore."