Thymos Gala

Organisator Wageningen University

zo 18 maart 2018

Pay attention, there is a possibility that you can’t the whole text on your mobile phone!

The gala of SWU Thymos is coming again! This will take place on Wednesday the 18th of April. During this sports clothes will be changed for dresses and suits. The perfect opportunity to go out with your sport mate you secretly fancy or just go out with your friends. Furthermore, it is an important moment because the sport woman/man/team/trainer of the year will be elected. We are all sports people, so a little competition can’t be missed. According the theme ‘Candy Crush’ we have the competition ‘Can you crush the other sports?’. So which sport will be best represented?

In conclusion, you don’t want to miss out this evening. So subscribe fast! You buy a ticket by transferring money to NL66 RABO 0367 0126 26 stating ‘email’ + gala + ‘the sports you practice’.
However, for the fast decision makers we have early bird tickets. To pay for the early birds you have to subscribe below. If there is no subscription possible below, you have to buy a regular ticket. The rest of the subscription is the same as stated above (only with a lower price of the ticket). Pay attention: when you subscribed for the early bird ticket, you have to pay the ticket in 5 working days. If this is not done, your subscription expires.  

Early bird ticket: €10,-
Regular ticket: €12,50

Hereby also the link to nominate the sport woman/man/team/trainer of the year: