Tineke van der Haven

In 1959, Tineke decided to study Dairy Processes and Milk Science. Now, almost 54 years later, cheese is still the leitmotif in her life. Tineke wants to encourage and inspire students to follow in her footsteps. ‘There’s a lot more to cheese than I could ever have imagined.’

Wageningen was an obvious choice. I know all about milking and cheese-making. What else can you expect from someone who grew up on a cheese farm!
Tineke van der Haven, alumna, Dairy Processes and Milk Science

‘So many kinds, made in so many places, eaten by so many people. It is a pleasure to work in this field. But it’s the people who fascinate me most.

‘In my first job, I managed to inspire students with enthusiasm for this study programme. Then came the changeover to education in practical farming. Nowhere can you combine your professional knowledge and experience so well and so effectively. Today’s students are the same as I was; they want to learn everything about cheese from their tutors. And cheese-sellers are no different; they are insatiable once they are inducted into the world of cheese. The uninitiated still think that cheese-making is a trick that you just need to get the hang of. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

‘But cheese is a magic remedy. When you put your heads together to solve dairy problems, you make friends for life. Cheese bridges cultures. The world of cheese is exciting, the world around cheese even more so. That leitmotif in my life is tinged with gold!’

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