Urban farming in The Hague office building

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13 juli 2013

Empty office buildings are a national phenomenon. In The Hague, e.g., currently 11% of the office space is unoccupied. The city is coming up with a spectacular plan to utilise these unoccupied offices.

The city wishes to facilitate urban farming in an empty office block and offers prospective entrepreneurs a complete platform for realisation. Tycho Vermeulen, researcher of Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture, has been involved in this unique project right from the start .

Working party

After Tycho Vermeulen had established the first contacts with the The Hague municipality in October 2012, various initiatives have been developed at high speed and a working party with various official and industrial partners has been formed.

Competition for entrepreneurs

It was decided to organise a competition for entrepreneurs, a business challenge. The best entrants may put their plans into practice on two floors of 1500 m2 each in an office building on the Televisiestraat in The Hague. Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture will be judging the entries for cultivation-technical attainability and will be coaching the initiatives.


The call for the business challenge has been opened and participants can submit their plans until 4 October. The winners of the business challenge will be announced on 31 October.