WEES seminar 'Speciation in colour: diversifying natural and sexual selection in cichlid fish and poison frogs'

Organisator Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences (WIAS)

do 19 december 2013 16:00 tot 17:00

Martine Maan (University of Groningen)

Speciation in colour: diversifying natural and sexual selection in cichlid fish and poison frogs

The spectacular diversity in sexually selected traits among animal taxa has inspired the hypothesis that divergent sexual selection can drive speciation. At the same time, evidence is accumulating for species divergence driven by ecological adaptation. These two hypotheses are not mutually exclusive: recent theory and data suggest that interactions between natural and sexual selection may be particularly powerful in generating species diversity. In my talk, I will present my work on colour signal divergence in poison frogs and cichlid fish. These studies identify mechanisms by which ecological heterogeneity can influence sexual communication, and thereby the origin and maintenance of species boundaries.

Martine Maan is an NWO Veni Fellow at the University of Groningen. Her research is focused on the role of sexual communication in generating and maintaining species boundaries, and the contribution of ecological adaptation to the evolution of mating signals and mating preferences. See for her personal webpage:

Where: Forum Building lecture room C214 - Droevendaalsesteeg 2, Wageningen
When: Thursday Deceber 19th - 16:00 - 17:00hrs

For whom: professors, lecturers, post-docs, PhD, MSc & BSc students and anyone else interested in evolution and ecology


Master class

Before the seminar a master class for interested PhD and MSc students is organized from 13:30 to 15:00 in room C406, Forum building. The master class gives the attendants the possibility to meet the speaker of the seminar and have a discussion based on a recent publication. The master classes are a good possibility to get acquainted with hot topics in science and to learn to discuss these topics with leading scientists in the field.

Registration for the master class is required and there is a maximum of 15 attendants. MSc students can get credits for the master class. If you are interested in joining the discussion prior to the seminar, please contact Florien Gorter.


WEES background

WEES is an initiative of PhD students and postdocs at Wageningen University to organize a continuing series of stimulating seminars on contemporary topics in evolution and ecology. We aim to bring together different groups at Wageningen University using a variety of systems, but with a common interest in evolutionary and ecological questions. For this series we invite researchers from all over the world that have leading roles in their field. After the talk there will be drinks for an informal discussion. WEES is funded by graduate schools PE&RC, WIMEK, EPS, VLAG and WIAS.


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