Wageningen Melting Pot: Super Diversity

Akademia Honora lecture by Baukje Prins on 19 November

Organisator Studium Generale

di 19 november 2013 20:00 tot 22:00

Locatie Impulse, building number 115
Stippeneng 2
6708 WE Wageningen
+31 317-482828

Series: Wageningen Melting Pot - What Happens When Cultures Meet?

What  happens when people from around the world arrive in a new situation and have to live, work and study together? Wageningen is a microcosm of such a globalising  world. This diversity can  inspire. But what can be said of the major challenges it presents when differences lead  to negative feelings, misconceptions, and even conflicts?

Super Diversity

The melting pot of WageningenUR is very diverse with its multitude of nationalities and cultures. And not only in Wageningen, but especially in metropolitan areas we witness the emergence of a kind of ‘super-diversity’. But what do we really know about diversity? In this lecture we will reflect upon the implications of this development for everyday interaction and communication, and especially assess the meaning and relevance of the notion of ‘culture’ in a context of super-diversity. The term ‘culture’ seems much too vague and diffuse and an all too easy excuse for things going wrong. So how can we enhance the enriching side of diversity and minimize the negative one? Is it possible to name some universal do’s and don’ts? Are there any best practices? Dr. Baukje Prins will talk with us about these intriguing questions.

Dr. Baukje Prins taught women’s studies, cultural studies, and social and political philosophy at several Dutch universities. Since 2009 she holds a chair in Citizenship and Diversity at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. She is currently finishing a book on interethnic relationships based on the life-stories of her former Frisian and Moluccan classmates in the 1960s.