Wageningen UR celebrates two milestones in Chile

In light of the celebration of the 95th anniversary of Wageningen UR a special ‘Wageningen Week’ was organized in Santiago de Chile from 26 to 31 May including two symposia and a reunion for alumni.

Organisator Wageningen UR Chile

vr 31 mei 2013 tot za 1 juni 2013 09:00

Locatie Santiago de Chile

Agrifood in Chile and the Netherlands

The first anniversary of Wageningen UR Chile was celebrated on 29 May with a symposium focusing on the parallels and differences between the Chilean and Dutch agrifood sectors. Some two hundred people attended; not only from the Netherlands and Chile, but also from Argentina and Peru. Speakers included Marian Geluk, Executive Director of Wageningen UR Chile, Conrad von Igel, Executive Director of the CORFO research institute (run by the Chilean Ministry for Economic Affairs), Martin Kropff, Rector Magnificus of Wageningen UR, and Raoul Bino, Chairman of the Board of Wageningen UR Chile and Director of the Agrotechnology & Food Sciences Group at Wageningen UR.

High-grade use of agricultural residue

A symposium on the theme of ‘Valorisation of Biomass’ was held on 31 May. Chilean businesses are very interested in technologies for capitalising on agricultural raw materials and waste streams from the food industry. Chile is already producing biodiesel and biogas on a modest scale, but is also interested in using waste residuals from the dairy and fruit sectors as raw materials for high-grade products, such as materials and chemicals. This symposium was led by Jan Broeze, researcher at Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research.

Reunion for Chilean Wageningen UR alumni

The end of the 'Wageningen Week' was marked by a reunion for alumni. Some thirty Wageningen University alumni live in Chile, twenty of whom visited the 'Wageningen Week'. They attended the two symposia described above, discussed the agrifood developments needed in Chile, visited the historical vineyards on the outskirts of Santiago with a few Wageningen UR staff, and concluded a highly successful week with a traditional Chilean lunch on an estate owned by one of the alumni.