Webinar: Boosting your agROBOfood Digital Innovation Hub

The 1st open call of agROBOfood will grant proposals within a few months. Hopefully you are already active engaging with Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to prepare the nice proposals. We already see that the Open Call brings agrifood robotics alive. Whether a proposal will be granted or will not be granted, in either case, Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) play an important role in bringing the project to a success.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Tue 14 July 2020 15:00 to 16:00

Venue Microsoft Teams and Slido for the interaction

To help DIHs in this task we will organize a specific webinar for DIHs that are already active or are willing to become active in the agROBOfood network. The webinar will provide answers on questions as:

  1. What are the latest insights in the open call evaluation?
  2. What are best practices in helping SMEs setting up their proposal?
  3. What can a DIH do when a proposal is not granted?
  4. How can DIHs make stronger connections with each other?

Target audience

  • Registered DIHs of the agROBOfood network
  • DIHs that have applied for an agROBOfood membership

For this we set up the following program and panel discussion:

  1. Short opening by the coordinator - Kees Lokhorst (WR) (2-5 minutes)
  2. Latest insights and relevant latest Q&A about the 1st Open Call – Erik Pekkeriet (WR) (10-15 min.)
  3. DIH Ireland on the run to support one of the best proposals – Christine O'Meara (10 min.)
  4. What services can be provided to granted proposals and what is the procedure for that? - Mireia Dilmé (Eurecat) (5 min.)
    1. Technical services – Fraunhofer (5 min.)
    2. Business Services – Mireia Dilmé (Eurecat) (5 min.)
    3. Eco-system Services - Mireille van Hilten (WR) (2 min.)
  5. What can a DIH do when a proposal is not granted?
    1. Jos Balendonck (WR) (10 min.)
    2. Eurecat (10 min.)
  6. Panel discussion Moderator, Speakers, Kees and Erik (30 minutes)