urban farming

What is the effect of urban farming on citizens and neighbourhood?

“Green in the city brings people together.” Applied Plant Research is investigating the circumstances under which this statement is true. This is how the scientists are generating scientifically based arguments for the benefits of urban farming.

Many municipalities recognise the advantages of urban farming. Supporters mention various arguments for the benefit of green in the city or a vegetable garden between the apartment blocks:

  • People become more involved with their neighbourhood
  • People become more involved with each other (social cohesion)
  • Appearance of the neighbourhood improves
  • People start eating healthier as result of the closer contact

But it remains to be seen whether these advantages are indeed the result of urban farming: little research has been carried out into cause and effect.

Scientifically based arguments

Scientists of Applied Plant Research are investigating the facts. They are investigating the precise effect of urban farming on neighbourhood and citizens. They are also establishing under which circumstances urban faming stimulates social cohesion and when this is not the case.

This research yields scientifically based arguments on benefit and need of urban farming. Supporters of urban farming can use these arguments to show whether and where this form of green in the city serves a good purpose.