You can represent students!

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19 november 2013

Are you ready  to represent students for a year in the heart of the university politics and at the highest policy level?


Do you have specific ideas, or concerns about the university?  In areas ranging from ,  education, sport facilities to  campus development, a full time year in Student Council  can give you the opportunity to shape the future of the University while enriching yourself !

Student Council elections are held every year in May. This is the student body’s chance to vote for Student Council members, who will represent them at the highest policy  level in the university.

Why become a candidate?

  • You are launched into the real time events of practical policy development and contribute to innovative projects that range from education to policy and the university as a whole;
  • You acquire and develop diverse skills and capacities in practical contexts with staff and the University management beyond enriching your academic skills related to reflection, analysis, deliberation, communication. You get to know the university from the inside out;
  • You meet regularly with members of the Executive Board of the University;
  • You have the opportunity to  be a part of a motivated team.


Is this for me?

  • I am willing to commit yourself for one academic year  fulltime  (compensated with fulltime FOS);
  • I have a constructive and critical attitude and know that I can give and take in a team;
  • I am willing to contribute my ideas and thoughts  but also reach consensus.