Fisher level decision making in response to retail and brand strategies for sustainable tuna (BESTTuna subproject 3a)

This subproject will investigate the potential of brand and retail strategies as well as third party certification in enhancing sustainable tuna management.


Empirically, the project will focus on existing brand strategies (such as the members of ISSF, as well as other sustainability brands such as Fishes, Pacifical and Seafood Savers.). Retailer strategies in Europe will be investigated from a similar perspective; with a focus on their use of third party certification such as MSC as well as business-to-business arrangements in steering towards equitably incentivizing reduced by catch of yellow fin and big eye tuna.

The main questions will be:

  • What are existing social and economic practices in each of these governance mechanisms?
  • To what the extent are different risk management strategies adopted by actors along the global tuna value chain?
  • Furthermore, how do these mechanisms as new environmental regulatory networks incentivize fishers and other chain actors to upgrade their production?

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