Cover of The Neherlands show a colourful variety of geomorphological valuable landscapes

New book on the landscapes of the Netherlands

The Netherlands show a colourful variety of geomorphological valuable landscapes.

Within the Dutch landscapes often surprising linkages are found between geology, climate change, landscape forms, soil and (historical) land use. "Landscapes of The Netherlands" gives the current insight in these relationships and is therefore very relevant for those who -(go to) work with- and -are interested in- the Dutch landscapes.

The content of this book is divided into 21 chapters that are summarized in the following parts (I) Soil and Landscape, (II) Tectonics and Climate, (III) Ice and Wind, (IV) Rivers, (V) Peat and (VI) Coasts and Seas. Special attention is paid to the formation of natural landscapes including climatic and tectonic aspects. In addition, detailed attention is given to the role of humans in the formation of the landscapes. This unique book is performed in full colour and contains a total of almost 900 illustrations. These illustrations include photographs, fragments of soil- and height- maps and schematic geomorphological sections, which all together tell the stories of the landscapes. Many of the figures included are unique and specially manufactured for this book. Moreover, there is also an index and a glossary included in the book. The authors hope that this book will serve as a valuable textbook for students and as a standard work for anyone interested in the landscapes of Netherlands.

ISBN 978-908686-213-9