Development of a sustainable trade academy at ESNEC

Trade academy at ESNEC Introduction of student-centred learning.


This project is aimed at strengthening and building ESNEC's capacity to contribute to the revitalisation of the commercial agricultural sector and in particular the fruit and vegetable sector.

Specifically, the project seeks to develop a sustainable trade academy at ESNEC in which staff and students can conduct action research, receive trade management training and guidance and advice from key-players in Mozambique's emerging agricultural trade sector.

The project aims to:

  • introducte sustainable trade as a qualification exit at the last year of three existing courses (commerce, agrobusiness and commercial agriculture);
  • introduce participative learning methods in the existing courses;
  • create local and regional networks on sustainable trade development, in cooperation with other players;
  • stronger linkages between alumni, the university and the sector for curriculum development, traineeships and guest lectures;
  • set up a business incubator and a number of sustainable small businesses;
  • create opportunities for women.

More information

For more information please visit the Nuffic website.