ECOBAS - Eco-engineered coastal defence integrated with sustainable aquatic food production

This project demonstrates on pilot scale the feasibility of coastal defence using oyster reefs.

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To provide authorities in Bangladesh with an alternative method for climate change adaptation, by using the natural water flow resistance of molluscs (such as oysters) in order to improve safety for humans against erosion and flooding, and at the same time deliver a sustainable source of aquatic food.


Since the climatic conditions in Bangladesh are more extreme than in the Netherlands, the project will deliver valuable information on new techniques. Besides Bangladesh these techniques can also be applied in other Delta’s in the developing world such as in Vietnam and Mozambique. The project may also provide valuable knowledge to further enhance the “building with nature concept” in European situations.

Spin off

If the project is successful, it will offer new market opportunities for the consortium partners and other parties in the Dutch water sector.