Capacity development of higher education on Integrated Water Resource Management at CUET

CUET offers seven degree awarding Engineering and Planning studies. This project aims to enhance the organisational capacity development at CUET by reinforcing its programmes, training facilities and research and consultancy services.

In addition, it will enhance the knowledge base within the sector, with a focus on gender equality, by developing the concepts of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) and disseminating knowledge, technology and expertise.

Finally, the project will create a group of IWRM-skilled professionals that will address existing gaps in the water sector in line with the labour market needs.

Water is deeply embedded in the lives of the people of Bangladesh. The government's vision for the water resources sector, has been laid down in a National Water Policy (1999). This policy describes the principles of water resource development and use.

It is an ambitious policy aimed at continued progress towards achieving national development goals and MDGs, through sustainable water development and protection against water-related disasters. This means high expectations are therefore placed on the national higher education institutions of the country serving the sector.

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