Capacity development of Water Sector Related Climate Change Induced Disaster management and Adaptation

DUET wants to take a number of initiatives in the field of:

  • knowledge management;
  • research and development;
  • technology transfer;
  • training in water sector-related climate change-induced disaster management and adaptation;
  • organisational capacity building.

It specifically wants to:

  • improve the use of financial resources and the quality of technology transfer, in line with international initiatives in Bangladesh;
  • develop adequate technical, business, management, and regulatory skills;
  • create an enabling environment and stakeholder participation;
  • address women's central role in water provision, management and protection;
  • respond to the labour market needs within the sector;

Climate change

Climate change poses significant risks for Bangladesh. This is aggravated by population pressures, lack of funds and inadequate policies.

This projects actively contributes to the formulation of a Bangladesh Delta Plan

More information

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