Capacity building of the Elgin Learning Foundation

Capacity building of the Elgin Learning Foundation, a Further Education and Training college for agriculture.

This project supports the Elgin Learning Foundation as a FET agricultural college in South Africa. The project supports:

  1. The re-organisation of the Elgin Learning Foundation (ELF) from a donor-dependent private trust to a more market-oriented and demand driven institute providing educational and social services to the agricultural communities in the Elgin valley in the Western Cape.
  2. The strengthening of the agricultural training programme of the school in response to the labour market, and in line with the societal demand for black economic empowerment and gender  mainstreaming.

The expected results are:

  • Consolidation of ELF as a viable educational institute providing demand-driven services to the farming community of the Elgin valley;
  • Established linkages with relevant stakeholders in the region in support of the training institute;
  • Innovative and accredited agricultural programmes  to upgrade labour force, farm managers and emergent farmers; and
  • Strengthened staff capacity to design and deliver training programmes.