Strengthening academic programmes and organisational management capacity for competitiveness and growth of Mulungushi University

This project strengthens academic programmes and organizational management capacity for competitiveness and growth of Mulungushi University.

Mulungushi University was established in 2008 by the Zambian government as the country's third public university with multi-level curricula and fee-paying admission.

This should be a more effective way to meet the high demand in Zambia for tertiary level education. The university will cater for new market-oriented and demand-driven courses, especially in the field of business, technology and engineering.


This project will support the Mulungushi University to:

  • enhance MU’s capacity to develop and deliver quality training and teaching;
  • enhance research capacity and improve the delivery of quality services for sector and national development;
  • strengthen capacity within the university for sustained identification, development, and implementation of attractive and relevant programmes which are in high demand on the labour market;
  • strengthen organisational, strategic management and leadership capacities to help it become a self-sustaining public university.

More information

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