SG - Shared Reflection Session: What is it to perceive?

What is it to perceive? Join this open and reflective dialogue where we share and deepen our experiences and insights the Spring Festival evoked.

Organisator Studium Generale

di 31 mei 2022 20:00

Locatie Impulse, gebouwnummer 115
Tonight, we gather those who attended the festival in Impulse, and we open up a reflective dialogue with each other. We take the time to pay attention to the experiences the Spring Festival evoked, and ponder on the questions it provoked. What is perception? How do we perceive? What happens if we pay more attention to our sense of smell, or taste, or touch? To our moving bodies? What if we imagine we live in the ocean, or make use of echolocation to orient ourself in space? Be welcome and join our conversation!