Alumna Karina Hauge Johansen

Karina followed a BSc in animal sciences at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) and did a European MSc in animal breeding and genetics at the NMBU & Wageningen University during which she specialised in quantitative genetics. A few months after her graduation in 2014, she was hired as a project leader by Klosser Innovation AS (Norway), which is an innovation company with a main focus on bio-economy.

They wanted to start a breeding programme for arctic char (including roe-production), as a foundation for land based aquaculture around the inland rivers in Norway. My job was to find and bring genetic material (good char populations) and do the planning, execution and administration of the breeding programme. Along the way I have done a lot of different tasks, including data collection, tagging, selection, writing project applications, international collaboration, down to feeding the fish. In addition to this job, I do the administration of Heidner Biocluster (business cluster for innovations in sustainable food production), which gives me a good overview of the activities in the cluster and the development of new bio-economical businesses.

The animal science education prepared me quite well for these two jobs by providing me with broad knowledge on agriculture and the world’s food safety/security, and more specialised knowledge within animal breeding and use of technology. My tips for current students are to grab all opportunities to learn more, visit places and try to get the whole picture in addition to specializing in your favourite interest.

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