Alumnus Frank Salet

After his bachelor in Geodesy and Geo-Informatics at Utrecht University, Frank Salet came to Wageningen.

If you are looking to broaden and deepen your Geo-Information and Remote Sensing knowledge, then I can highly recommend Wageningen University. Besides, Wageningen is a great place for living the student life!

For his master, he followed a wide range of courses, such as geo-statistics, spatial modelling, remote sensing and programming. “Together”, he says, “these courses have formed the luggage that I still use for each job I take on.”

Frank has had a wide variety of jobs ever since he left Wageningen. During his career, he has been trying to find jobs in fields in which the use of GIS is unique, challenging or still developing. His first job was an internship at a meteorological institute. This was followed by a job at a consultancy firm, which was mainly focusing on Business Intelligence. Next, Frank went to work for a large American software company, where he specialised as a pre-sales consultant for the Benelux region. After that, he worked as a geospatial engineer for a mining company in South America.

Currently, Frank works as a manager for a non-governmental organisation in Africa. The project he is working on is about the eradication of polio in Nigeria. The NGO’s task consists of mapping the project area and supporting the polio vaccination activities with maps and spatial analyses. For the project, he has moved to Nigeria to set up the GIS work. About twenty GIS specialists work together on this project. They use satellite imagery to find and mark where people live, so vaccination teams know exactly where to go.

Frank has fond memories of his time in Wageningen.

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