Anna Garber - Moldova

Anna graduated from the EM-SANF programme in 2015. She followed her courses in Purpan and Debrecen. Her second year was all about equine nutrition at the University of Glasgow.

Now I have a family all over the world!


I am Anna from Moldova and I am currently a PhD student in Animal Health (Equine Nutrition) at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. I graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from State Agricultural University in my home country and I decided to go into research and continue my career abroad. I still feel extremely lucky and sometimes cannot believe where the EM-SANF programme and the fact that I was admitted led me!

I was and I still am a part of French and Hungarian teams. What I really want to tell everyone who is considering applying for EM-SANF is that it is not just a master programme which will give you a high quality well-recognised double degree and new knowledge in the end of the 2-year period. EM-SANF for me is a school of life and style of living in the same time. It builds self-confidence and gives you leadership skills. You start to believe you can achieve everything you want in your life. You stop complaining about problems you have and start looking for ways to solve them instead. You are not scared of changes, uncertainties, new countries and their requirements, sudden trips and massive amount of work you need to do as soon as possible. You also start looking for opportunities everywhere, not postponing it due to the lack of time and everything else your mind is happy to invent for you. You will gain new communication skills, learn professional behaviour and start building your own network. This is at least what happened to me! Apart from my PhD which I started in October 2015, I am also working as GTA (graduate teaching assistant), OSCE (objective structured clinical examination) assessor, I have registered as STEM (science technology engineering and maths) ambassador and I am planning to take a training to become a PBL (problem-based learning) facilitator. 

And of course now I have a family all over the world! I believe EM-SANF is the best experience in my life.

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