Student testimonial

Arie Fahmiyati on his internship at the Biodiversity Foundation

Arie Fahmiyati did his internship at the Biodiversity Foundation, Kalimantan island of Indonesia in 2015.

I was able to visit tropical forests and beautiful places, meet with indigenous communities as well as expand my networking
Arie Fahmiyati

Interested with Reduction of Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+)? The Program of Tropical Forest Conservation Act 2 Kalimantan of Biodiversity Foundation (Yayasan Kehati) could be an option for your internship. As an administrator of TFCA2 Kalimantan, an internship in Biodiversity Foundation, particularly in TFCA Kalimantan division, offers an opportunity to look closely at implementation of REDD+ in Kalimantan island of Indonesia.

REDD+ and TFCA2 Kalimantan

TFCA2 Kalimantan is a partnership program between Indonesia Government, US Government, WWF, and TNC that aims to protect biodiversity, to preserve forest carbon as well as to improve the communities’ livelihood in a manner consistent with protecting tropical forest in Kalimantan. TFCA2 Kalimantan determines to support REDD+ implementation in Heart of Borneo (HoB) and Berau Forest Carbon Program (BFCP) by distributing grants to local conservation NGOs in order to implement project in line with TFCA, BFCP, and HoB objectives. TFCA Kalimantan has disbursed grants to 9 selected NGOs for first cycle in 2014. Being an intern in TFCA2 Kalimantan division of Biodiversity Foundation means that you would be able to meet different stakeholders and would learn about Indonesia’s REDD+ policy and how the notion is interpreted in ground level.

In my case, I assisted TFCA in monitoring the progress of Berau Forest Carbon Program for community and protection forest management. As part of internship, I travelled to several REDD+ project location in Berau-East Kalimantan to check the project implementation, organized monitoring meeting, and held interview with several stakeholders (Ministry of Forestry, Berau District Government, NGOs, TFCA Grantees, and communities) to know their views and perspectives of REDD+. It was a great experience for me as I was able to visit tropical forests and beautiful places of Berau District, meet with Dayak tribes (indigenous communities of Kalimantan) as well as expand my networking.  Since TFCA2 Kalimantan covers broad activities to operate the program, you could expect diversity in both internship topic and task. You could choose to focus on specific REDD+ projects within BFCP and HoB scheme or aim at administration task, for instances: assisting TFCA2 in assessing the proposal of TFCA grantee candidate and organizing the meeting.


If you are interested to apply for internship in TFCA program, you could contact Biodiversity Foundation ( or send email to TFCA program ( I would suggest you to check the websites and conduct research before you propose the idea of internship. In addition you need to discuss the internship topic and schedules thoroughly including whether you plan to travel to do field visit in Kalimantan or do desk research. Don’t forget to negotiate the financial aspects. Since it is common in Indonesia to not get any payments for internship, you have to make sure whether they will cover your travel expenses or give you internship wage. Even though people of TFCA program are willing to help and are friendly, you have to be ready to work independently as the employees are usually busy most of the time. However I could say that internship in TFCA program is a good exercise for real work experience.