Alumnus testimonial

“As a Health and Society student, I'm learning actively by participating in projects and debates.”

My name is Myriam. I'm from Italy and I hold a Bachelor's degree in Speech-Language Therapy. While working as a speech therapist in a treatment centre in Abruzzo (Italy), I could get valuable insights into the Italian health care system, and I realized that I wanted to continue studying in the health care sector.

Today, Wageningen University feels like home to me.

I decided to study Health and Society at Wageningen University, because I got passionate about health topics such as health services' orientation, empowerment and community action, health inequities and medical ethics. I think this Masters programme can give me what I need to work efficiently in the health sector and to effectively promote health, by studying it from different perspectives.

I really enjoy following each course, and I didn't think I could learn so much in such a short time! I like the fact that you have a lot of freedom in customizing your study plan, so that you can study what you're really interested in, thus personalizing your academic experience. I also like the Dutch teaching style, since it strongly encourages students to share their opinions. As a "Health and Society" student, I'm learning not only in a "passive way", by following courses or reading books, but also "actively", by critically appraising scientific articles, realizing my own projects and getting involved in debating health and society issues.

At the beginning I was worried about the decision of studying abroad; I didn't know what to expect and I hoped that I could be able to adapt to a different education system. Now I know that there was no reason to be worried; in fact, your study advisor as well as your professors are available and willing to help you in case of any difficulties. Furthermore, facilities like libraries or pc rooms are modern, enjoyable and easily accessible, which I think is a great asset for your study experience. Today, Wageningen University feels like home to me.

I would like to work on my thesis in this University, as I think it has a very professional approach to research. However, for my internship I would like to go elswhere. I'm getting truly passionate about health and society, and my "childish" curiosity insistently pushes me to explore health issues from many perspectives; I want to get the best out of this experience! After my graduation I would like to work abroad in health organizations. I want to get to know new cultures and societies, each one with its peculiar approach to health. In the end, I would like to go back to Italy with an enriched professional background, and finally contribute to my own country's health care system.