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As there are only maximally two courses per semester you can delve deeply into the course material and details

Student Food Quality Management
Prior Education: Food & Business HAN University of Applied Sciences

Thanks to my field experience I can link theory to practice quite quickly.
Danielle, student Food Quality Management

When I was younger I firstly wanted to become a princess, then a fashion designer and lastly a dentist. Now, as a second year Master’s student Food Quality Management it is fun to think back on those times and I am amazed time and again that a future can turn out so differently in the end.

Prior Education

After high school I went to an Applied Research University even though I had the wright papers to enroll at any research university. The program Food & Business interested me and I was uncertain whether I was suited for ‘all that research at a research university’. I am more of a practical type, I like doing projects, writing papers and being busy in the field. ‘Give me a pen and a paper an send me into the field, I would prefer that over learning out of books.’ However, I still chose to do a Master’s in Wageningen after my Bachelor’s. During my Bachelor’s I realised that I found the quality control surrounding nutrition really interesting and I missed depth within this field. This made me decide to do the Master’s Food Quality Management in Wageningen.


The transition from an Applied to a Research University was doable. Do not think that it is a walk in the park to complete a Master’s at a research university, but it is not impossible either. The difficulty for me was the switch from the legions of marketing at the HAN to the highly technical part of my Master’s now; however, thanks to the practicals that are offered during the courses and the sound guidance from the Research University I made it through strongly. A plus for me was the field experience that I had gained at the HAN. However, despite of that I needed to get used to conduction scientific research with a literary substantiation. I noticed that my practical experience did me well during projects and that, thanks to that, I was quickly able to make links between the theory and the field.

The question remains whether or not I got the depth I was looking for and yes, I did. As there are only maximally two courses per semester you can delve deeply into the course material and details. Researches from the field are brought in and during the practicals you also conduct your own research.

Combination of Thesis and Internship

And so, I am now going to start my second year of the Master’s program. My thesis I am combining  with my internship to really be able to research the connection between the theory and practice. The subject of my thesis is the meat industry and I am combining it with my graduation internship at a quality control agency. This allows me to implement the outcomes of my literature study in the field.
After graduation I hope to continue in consultancy so that I can share my knowledge optimally in the business life.

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