Student testimonial

Bibiana's experience in Wageningen

My name is Bibiana Duarte, I am from Colombia and I attended the master International Land and Water Management from 2008 to 2010.

I had an unforgettable student life in Wageningen.

During my master, I had the opportunity to meet professors and various academics who were working in understanding water issues around the world. I had the opportunity to become part of an international research network which is called Water Justice. Thanks to that, I could interchange different points of views and knowledge about the relations between water management, societies, and landscapes transformations.

During my master, I could apply my learnings and skills in other countries. During my internship, I went to Mexico where I worked with a research institute, Colegio San Luis Potosi, and government water institutions, Conagua.

I had an unforgettable student life in Wageningen. There were plenty of facilities to make my days enjoyable. I used to go to the sports center and I attended interesting and jolly international events.

After finishing my study, I returned to my home country. I worked as a researcher at a research institute, ‘Instituto de Recursos Biologicos Alexander von Humboldt’, which works as an adviser for the Environmental Ministry. My field was centered in páramos (Andean highland wetlands), important ecosystems for providing fresh water and maintaining diverse livelihoods. Nowadays, I am doing my Ph.D. at the University of Amsterdam in political ecology of water at the Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation - CEDLA.

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