Student testimonial

Cao Zijing on his internship at Solidaridad

Cao Zijing did his internship at Solidaridad Netherlands from April to August 2015.

This study could be used directly in the project planning process
Cao Zijing

From April 2nd till August 2nd in 2015, I have done an internship with Solidaridad Netherlands. This internship was supervised by Katie Minderhoud (Solidaridad) and André van Amstel (Wageningen UR). Solidaridad is working on Sustainable Landscape Solutions for agriculture around the world, specifically in relation to those commodity supply chains in which Solidaridad already has extensive experience (such as coffee, cocoa, tea, soy, palm oil and sugarcane). More landscape tools or methods need to be explored to solve accumulative or coming problems.

So my internship aimed to conduct research and make an analysis on existing tools and methods that are functional in assessing landscape performance (in terms of balancing agricultural production, quality of ecosystem services and social values). I had to make an analysis to find out which methods are most applicable for Solidaridad in the existing commodity programs and field interventions. From the internship I learnt different kinds of Landscape Performance Tools. I started a case study about example projects, sources to search such information, ways to clarify and introduce them, and how to recommend this information to others and build links between science and society. The information could be shared with colleagues in Solidaridad who wanted to know more about these tools. I encouraged them to explore and discuss about these tools, and supported ideas and suggestions about Landscape Performance Tools. This study could be used directly in the project planning process. It is a nice experience to work, gain knowledge, share ideas and discuss with them, meanwhile, I enjoyed the lovely lunch time and nice sunshine on the roof of the office. Katie was both a professional leader and nice friend during these four months of study.


Katie Minderhoud, Market Developer at Solidaridad
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