Student testimonial

Dan Fan on her internship at CREM

Dan Fan did her internship at CREM, the Netherlands from April to August 2015.

I enjoyed to work in such a goal-oriented and direct way
Dan Fan

In 2015 from April to August I have done my internship in CREM for four months. CREM is an environmental consultancy firm in Amsterdam. They work on sustainability and have some work fields, which are waste management, natural capital, local sustainable development, and Corporate Social Responsibility in connection with supply chain management. Natural capital is my major work field. The task was to develop the relationship between raw material production and their inputs/outputs from/to natural capital. The framework has already settled down. There are however a large amount of raw materials that need to be fitted into the framework by using the methodology of qualitative Life Cycle Assessment. They need more volunteer interns who are interested in this topic to continue the work. The contact person can be my host supervisor, Jolanda van Schaick.

During the four months, I did like the working environment that is friendly and flexible. The consultancy is really client-oriented and thus all the work should be indicative and efficient. My personal feeling? I enjoyed to work in such a goal-oriented and direct way. Furthermore, all the colleagues were very kind and outgoing. There were no problems for me to communicate in English during the work or spare time. Because all colleagues are Dutch now, it would be more easier if you could speak Dutch. In general, CREM is quite a nice place for an intern and I learned a lot in a consultancy. Especially on how to translate detailed scientific knowledge into information on sustainable operations for business and trade.