Student testimonial

Dito Sitepu on his internship at Wetlands International, Ede

Dito Sitepu did his internship at Wetlands International in Ede in 2017.

I really improved myself about the real professional world
Dito Sitepu

The last four months of the internship was one of the most valuable learning periods in my study life in Wageningen University. I found it was fascinating to feel the real working experience in Wetlands International, and I feel very fortunate to be an intern in Wetlands International. I conducted a study about the agroforestry paludiculture composition in Indonesian tropical peatland. In this blog, I would like to share my experiences during the internship period in Wetlands International, Netherlands.

Great working atmosphere in Wetlands International is ideal to focus on the project. The staff are professional and really helping me to develop my own project.

Focus on wetland issues around the world, especially in Indonesia. As Wetlands International’s slogan “We safeguard and restore wetlands for people and nature”, it is the most suitable place to learn about wetland issues.

Working with professionals. Great experience to sharing field experience and expertise with staff in the office. I really improved my knowledge working in Wetlands International.

Consultation with tropical peatland experts and stakeholders. Thanks to Wetlands International that I had chance to talk with many different experts and stakeholders (i.e. Marcel Silvius from Wetlands International, Bas Tinhout from Wetlands International, Wim Giesen from Euroconsult MottMacDonald, Yoyok Wibisono from Wetlands International Indonesia, and Taco Bottema from PT Samudra Nipa Daya).

Walking lunch. It is the best part of my internship life, since I can discuss with staff about current peatland issues while having walking lunch. Also, walking is good for health.

Un-settled working place. Due to limited desk in the office, I often had to move to different desk every week. However, it could be positive outlook because I can communicate with other staff around my desk.

During my internship, I got a chance to make presentation about paludiculture in a ISIC-SI 2017 in Warwick University, United Kingdom. I found that Indonesian development are more towards social (health) and economic (business) sectors, not much about the environment. The importance of environment should be taken into account; thus, it has the same interest as economic and social sectors. 

To conclude, it was an excellent experience to work with Wetlands International. I really improved myself about the real professional world. Lastly, I would like to give my appreciation to Bas Tinhout and Andre van Amstel for supervising me during my internship course. Moreover, many thanks to Wetlands International for accepting me as an intern.