Alumnus testimonial

“From the very beginning I was challenged.”

My name is Bonnie. I did my Bachelor, Health and Society, at Wageningen University. The Master specialisation Health and Society challenges me. From the very beginning I learned so much.

I am also more aware of my own strengths and limitations and how to deal with them.

One course that really stood out to me during my first Master year was the course ‘Settings for Health Promotion’. Experiencing that my interests are in the field of health and school, health promotion is a logical way to go. In this course we could combine everything that we've learned previously in the Master (and in my case also the Bachelor) into a practical case study. This was a good preparation for Academic Consultancy Training (ACT). For this course I looked at a new way of education, which is called democratic education. Besides the skills that you train, when you work on such a project, I learned a lot about myself too. I am more aware of my own strengths and limitations and how to deal with them.

Throughout my first year I already knew that I wanted to do my internship abroad. So I made plans to go further than I could possibly go: Australia. Wageningen has good contact with some universities in Australia, so after doing a bit of research I ended up at the Priority Research Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition, which is a part of the University of Newcastle, NSW. My topic of research was a school-based health promotion programme. I noticed that the greatest advantage of being in an English speaking country is, that I can help with data collection: going to schools and actually measuring kids height and weight for example. Currently, I am still working on this project.

Health becomes more and more important, especially in an ageing population where we only live longer. Therefore, I think that there will always be job opportunities in this field. New ways of looking at health will be needed, and that is exactly what health and society learns you. Even better: it learns us to look at health problems with a positive (salutogenic) view, which enables us to think critically but also come up with creative solutions!