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Great mix of cultures in Wageningen

My name is Jorge Duran and I am from Mexico. Coming to Wageningen was probably one of the most rewarding experiences in my life so far.

The mix of cultures makes the educational experience even greater.
Jorge Duran

I chose to come here in particular because it was one of the only universities in the world offering the MSc programme Food Safety. I came here completely eye-blinded since I wanted to enjoy every new experience. I only knew a couple of things about Wageningen University and the town itself. I arrived to realize that this is an international place where you will meet people from places all over the world.

During my studies, I had the chance to share experiences with all kinds of people. The mix of cultures makes the educational experience even greater because it creates awareness on differences and similarities of problems in different fields in Mexico, as well as in other countries. Moreover, the university offers the chance to be in contact with globally recognized professors, projects and companies - which gives extra opportunities to succeed in your future career.

I can tell you people will always regard Wageningen University as a great institution, with a high-quality level of education. To close this, I want to invite you to expand your limits, and to never think you’re too small for a challenge like this one!

Jorge Duran

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Testimonial Jorge Duran Mexico