Student testimonial

Tom – MSc Biobased Sciences

Tom is a Master Student from the Biobased Sciences Programme. He has experience living and studying in different parts of the world and decided to come to Wageningen University because of its high-quality education and world-renowned reputation for Life Sciences.

I chose this master's to be part of a growing and exciting industry and study.

"My name is Tom Smits and I am 23 years old. I graduated from high school in Thailand and did my bachelor's in Economic and Social history in Scotland. I just started my master's Biobased Science in Wageningen, with a specialisation in biobased and circular economy".

How did you decide to study at Wageningen University?
"I decided to study at Wageningen University because it is a world-renowned university for Life Sciences that contribute a lot with research in the sustainable industry field. I also found it interesting that the campus is integrated in a way that students are not only confronted with education but also with business and industry.

I chose this masters to be part of a growing and exciting industry, truly preparing students for future challenges. Until now, I am very satisfied with my programme as it challenges me to understand all aspects of biobased sciences in an interdisciplinary approach. Therefore, this course is a great starting point to get into this innovative and developing industry".

How do you experience living in Wageningen?
"I was overwhelmed with the number of opportunities outside of my study. I joined a lot of activities and tried to go to all the introduction drinks, talks and meetings. You realise that Wageningen is a network hub and everyone is willing to help out. Through this network hub, I’ve been able to go to Uganda to work on a consultancy project with the aim of closing loops.

Coming from an urbanised city it was quite strange coming to Wageningen. The loud city noises are replaced by a little peace and quiet. However, in Wageningen, there is still a great nightlife".

With the many student unions around you will find there is always something to do and opportunities to make friends.”

Have you already thought about your thesis and internship?
"I have not decided yet what I want to do for my thesis and internship, because there are so many interesting aspects implemented in this masters. And every week I find different interests. For example, after the lectures in the Circular Economy course, I became curious about phosphorus cycles and phosphorus recovery. Nevertheless, I’ve always had an interest in agriculture and food security so I think that I will be focusing on this area".

What are your plans after finishing your Master studies?
After graduation, I hope to work in developing countries and implement biobased and circular systems which can benefit a lot of people. Furthermore, I would love to combine this with travelling the world, discovering new cultures and using my experience to develop a stream of innovative products and services".