Alumnus testimonial

“I think the master Health and Society is a great study for everyone who is interested in public health.”

My name is Stijn and I am a Health and Society student at Wageningen University. I have a BSc degree in Sports, Health and Management, which I did at HAN in Nijmegen.

I don’t mind that I have to follow the extra courses, because I like them.

My prior study mainly focused on managing sport and health organisations in a systematic way. After graduation I wanted to continue studying and therefore I was looking for a new challenge.

As a former HBO student, I needed to do some extra courses (like statistics and epidemiology), before I could start the Masters programme. However, I didn't mind to do them, as they were very relevant. Especially the course epidemiology were you learn about diseases and important health measures.

In the actual Master programme, you have a lot of free choice regarding the courses. I really like the management courses, mostly due to my background, but also the course ‘Comparative Sociological Analysis of Health Problems and Policies’, in which you take a look at major health problems in the world. Until now I really like studying at Wageningen University. The university itself is very modern and has enough room to study. Also, the teachers are open and willing to help you!

When I am done with the master I would like to find a job in the public health sector, like VWS or GGD (both governmental agencies), or a job at Wageningen University itself.